Economic Challenges – An Empowering Solution

During economic challenges, many people feel anxious, especially about their stability and ability to find a solution. Some people might feel overwhelmed by expenses or struggle with a lack of security. While these concerns seem valid, choosing to focus on them causes you to feel burdened and unbalanced. It is more helpful to spend time reviewing your situation in detail so you can gain a clear understanding of the issues that need your attention. This will enable you to develop a plan to resolve issues.

The Law of Attraction is in operation at all times. The scientific Law of Attraction simply means that whatever you focus on (think about) you will bring into your life. The cliche, ‘The rich get richer while the poor get poorer,’ is the Law of Attraction in action. Those who are wealthy think about how to best use their money and hence they attract more money. The poor think about their present lack of money and unfortunately, that is what they attract, lack of money. It is a known fact that 96% of the world’s wealth is earned by only 1% of the population.

To change your circumstances, begin by thinking about the situations you are able to change or improve with little effort and then move to the situations that require more creative and extensive problem-solving skills. Consider all options available to you and determine your best course of action.

Developing a plan that will allow you to work through these challenges empowers you to succeed. The true power in planning comes from the awareness that you are not powerless against your circumstances. By reflecting on challenging situations and devising a plan to improve them, propels you to feel empowered and in control. You are then able to focus more of your energy on the situations you can change while accepting the ones you cannot. This helps you feel more optimistic about your circumstances, even when you are not perfect. Take time to develop a plan to ease your anxiousness will give you a stronger sense of empowerment and enthusiasm against the toughest circumstances.

The morale of the story is: Focus on what you desire, instead of what you do not want.

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