Passion: A Fire in the Soul

I was sitting in my backyard earlier today when the thought of passion came to mind. I was pushed back in my chair drinking a glass of ice water when my eye was caught by our outdoor copper fire pit. It had been made to give off warmth and light but it sat there completely inert. It was created to hold a fire and it even had some leftover wood inside from the last time we had used it. But it could not fulfill what it was created to do until a spark of fire was set inside the pit. Then the fuel could burn and it could give off warmth and light.

In a similar way, you were created to hold a fire which enables you to give off warmth and light. That fire is passion. You have the fuel of biblical truth inside of you. However, fulfilling what you were created to do can only be accomplished when the fire of passion is set inside you. If passion is missing, you are like the inert copper fire pit which sits there and does not fulfill its created purpose.

At times you may be confused about what your passion should be or changing situations or expectations may necessitate that you refocus or redirect your passion. This can take time and, like me, most of you are not good at waiting. Frankly, this is my present position so, if you are in a holding pattern, I can identify with you. The difficulty with being in a holding pattern is this-since the fire is not burning, it is easy to feel that you have nothing to offer, no warmth or light to share with others. You may feel inert.

I would encourage you to do three things:

1. Pray that the Lord would ignite a passionate fire in your soul. If you will join me in praying this for me, I will promise to pray this for you if you are struggling with passion.

2. Expect the Lord to provide opportunities to minister even while you are waiting. Last Sunday at church a person sought me out to ask that I pray with him for a crisis occurring in his life. While I was not happy about the crisis, I was happy to have the opportunity to pray with him and for him for this crisis.

3. Don’t lose heart. II Corinthians 4 can be of great help here.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Let me know if I can pray.

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