Simplify Your Life – It’s Not a Choice, It’s a Voice

Are you constantly on the go with very little time to yourself? Do you feel pressure to get things done, to be on top of your game, and can’t seem to find time to get your thoughts together? This is often the case for most folks. If I told you I knew the key to simplicity would you be interested in knowing what it was? I’m happy to fill you in right here right now, that the key to simplicity isn’t a choice, it’s a voice, and it comes from within you.

Truth of the matter, you hold this key inside of you and you probably didn’t even know it. And no, I’m not talking about that inner voice that talks to you and tells you how crappy you are, how far behind you are, what still needs to be done and that basically you suck because you haven’t gotten to it and you probably never will so you might as well give up. That’s just your silly MIND. I’m talking about the all knowing part of you that knows better than what the mind says. This is that voice that has no problem deciphering right from wrong or between needs from wants. It’s never wrong. This all knowing voice inside of us tends to get drowned out by all the other shiny things trying to get our attention or by that MIND that tries to lie to us.

So how does one start to communicate with that all knowing voice. Think of it like a radio dial. You know about this voice I’m talking about and you would probably recognize if it surfaced. However, it might quickly get lost if you don’t hurry up and adjust the dial to make it clearer and more prominent when it appears.

Decide then you not only want to adjust the dial so it’s clearer, but decide to also crank up the volume so you’re listening to that voice in stereo without distractions whenever possible. Now, put this into practice. You can start with a few days a week drive to work in complete silence. Don’t turn the radio on, don’t talk on the phone, and definitely don’t text. You might not know exactly what you’re listening for right away, but being alone in silence just a few times a week and you will start to have conversations you never could have had with that all knowing voice with those other distractions.

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