To Show Your Arms

How to become a sexy and seductive woman is the hottest question all the time. You can wear an exquisite slit skirt to showcase your long legs; or a low-cut Women’s Cocktail Dress be a big help to you. Women use short skirts and Fashion Tunic as their fashion weapons. However, scientists recently report that showing off your arms could be a best way to catch a man’s eye.

Recently, a study shows that beautiful arms are more attractive than legs. It is made by some experts of the University of New South Wales, Sydney after they made tests on Australian and Chinese men and women. Moreover, these charming stars, for example, Madonna, Courtney Cox and Christine Bleakley, all have long arms. Many people criticize that Madonna’s arms are as strong as men, she still likes to show them everywhere. Finally her arms also become as famous as herself.

During the study, volunteers would watch videos which contain 96 women aged between 20 and 49. And then they rated each one according to her looks. Finally results showed that women who have long and shapely arms were regarded as the most attractive. Though waist and hip size were important factors, women’s age and weight also important. The lead professor of the study Robert Brooks revealed that attractive bodies comprise coordinated body parts. And he also added that different bodies could deliver different messages to observers, telling whether this person was suitable as a long-term partner or a potential mate or a sexual competitor. He even said that some features were significant to evolution, but the overall look has a great influence on our judgement. The study results were similar between Australians and Chinese, and they also reflected that cultural divides did not largely affect their judgement. The study has published their findings in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Due to the study, women should take more exercises on arms. So if you have long and shapely arms, you can buy yourself plenty of sleeveless dresses or outfits. If you do not have long arms, you can make them shapely. Moreover, suitable sleeveless dresses will make you charming, too.

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