From I Can’t to I Can, A True Story

Have you ever said I cant or I am not good at… (and fill in the blank)? Is it possible you could be wrong? Even worse, could you be lying to yourself?

The computer that you’re using to read this right now, the grey box on your head, works on programs. Of course, it can only process information with what ever programs we put into it. Electrical charges of four volts of electricity zapping back and forth across the synaptic connections of your neurons run the process within the programs.

The more you have the same thought, the stronger the memory gets. The more you say I cant the stronger that neural connection gets. Even worse, the more you will believe it even if it is untrue.

When we say I cant we set up a default program within our brain that helps us fulfill that programming.

A Rude Awakening

I admit being guilty of this I cant mentality all of my life. That is, until one day upon challenging the I cant belief that was so strongly programmed into my grey matter.

Having been an artist for three decades, I never tried painting and photography because of the belief that I cant paint and I cant photograph… let alone I’m not good with color. The truth is I never tried. I had limited myself to only one art form.

My first attempt at challenging my beliefs and skills was surprising. Even more so was the sale of the first few pieces. In the world of art sales however, a few sales mean little. Even a blind chicken gets grain once and a while.

The next surprise came when 12 pieces were sold all at once. What made the next sale unusual was that they were to a gallery. Most gallery owners only take new artist on consignment. It is highly unlikely to sell to a gallery if you’re emerging or in my case, reemerging.

With my new found skill, it became time to challenge other beliefs. Mistakenly entering a photography show thinking it was for paintings, it was time to put this new bit of soft ware in my brain to use.

So with a borrowed camera, I went to work. What developed from this new found way of thinking still has my head spinning. The finished prints were produced at a local camera store, the same one where professionals go. The response was surprising.

When the person waiting on me started asking me about how I got the pictures I didn’t think much of it. Then in the next few minutes, a dozen of the staff were all coming over and asking about my photos and how I accomplished them. Still not certain of my success, I started advertising through my network of collectors.

Accolades do not pay the bills. So when a check arrived in the mail, it was my affirmation that I can take pictures. The check was for a commission from a retired dancer living in New York City, in Soho no less. The order was for 8 photographs. Guidelines were provided for what was wanted.

What Can You Do?

What other things I can do are waiting to be discovered. Enough about me. The question is, what things can you do that you have never tried? What things can you do that you have avoided only because of self limiting thoughts? Change the thoughts and you will be able to change what you can do. Change what you do, you may change your success.

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